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We generate recipes using AI & save time on grocery acquisition.

Our mission is plain and simple

We have combined multiple grocers in one place (Amazon & ASDA), and have created recipes using their products. The recipes are generated using AI and divided between various categories.

Positive Impact

Plastic Reduction

Fresh Products

preparation_time 25 minutes - Easy - number_of_serves 4 Dessert

Indulge in these delectable peanut butter pancakes, where the richness of creamy peanut butter harmonizes perfectly with the fluffy texture of the pan...

preparation_time 40 minutes - Easy - number_of_serves 4 Dinner

Indulge in a flavorful Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry with Rice, a hearty and nutritious dish featuring tender beef strips, fresh vegetables, and aromati...

preparation_time 45min - 1h - Easy - number_of_serves 6 Lunch

This recipe is a hearty and flavorful one-pot meal that combines chicken, rice, tomatoes, mushrooms, and beans with a blend of spices. It serves 4-6 p...

How do we save your time & money?

- Groceries are attached as ingredients to each recipe. This allows our customers to add to cart recipes in one click.

- It's possible to remove ingredients, in the case you have some of them already.

- Free Delivery

- We select products with rating 4⭐ from various suppliers.

- Fast checkouts, no registration or any other unnecessary fields. Apple & Google Pay

- The inventory updates daily.

- Recipe Generator: generates recipes from (literally) any given ingredients.

- It's possible to buy extra groceries separately.

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3.09 £ / 100 g
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0.95 £ / 200 g
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2.1 £
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1.9 £ / 6 g
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What's next?

- We'll integrate wholesale suppliers to make buying groceries easier with fewer steps from grower to customer.

- We will create short videos with recipe preparation instructions.

- Will offer our range of fresh products

We are what we eat

That's why we constantly enhance our services and seek out efficient suppliers to improve quality.